Feather Factory Day 1 - April 16, 2011

We fired up the feather and paddle factory today!

Crue made their way to The Vatican (WA) this morning and went to work making 150 short feathers.

Today's MVP award goes to Priti, Fluffer extraordinaire. Again you worked so well, and all that sawdust made you look so happy playa weathered.

We proto-typed the Thunderbird wing forearm and reviewed attachment methods. These birds are going to be B--I--G.

The bonfire was lit at 5:30 pm and factory Ninjas celebrated with a few well-deserved swigs of whiskey. The sunset was beautiful.

Meanwhile at Assembly Two, lumber was picked up for the SOAK* 2011: Snarkle Pony Rodeo @ppetizer Burn and Heckling Booth.

Welcome Home. )'(