How to Participate

Email: CORE (at)



Online Auction Do you or do you know someone that has a craft, service they provide, art they can donate, jewelry they make, or something of the like they would like to donate for our online auction? Contact Susie Starr at susiethesuperstarr (at) Auction starts April 30th.


PayPal: working on it...

Brand a Paddle BBQ: May 22, 2011. 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

We will be Raffling off TWO tickets to SOAK* 2011: Snarkle Pony Rodeo and other awesome prizes...

Playa Bound Party: July 16 or 17, 2011


Work Locations - Assembly One (chez Lucy), Assembly Two (Co Worker Dan) & The Vatican (Pope Tart).

Grazie mille to Gifter our lumber connection and Soak*, LLC our thru-bolt Angel.

We have step treads, risers, decorative side panels & platform floor!

Special Thanks to our Amazing Plywood Donors: Mel Adams, Chuck Perkins & Ken Strait.

Portland ♥ ♥ ♥ Ireland

We have already decided to donate our extra lumber to the Irish CORE project, and are now accepting plywood donations.

If you have full sheets to spare, please consider gifting them to our fellow Irish Burners.

  Draft Drawing courtesy of Randy Ralston, Ireland Regional Contact


Artist Embellishment: In addition to being art unto itself, the bridge is a canvas for local artists who are invited to decorate and embellish the sides individually, via fundraising parties and during SOAK*, our regional event.

Sign Up to adorn the Bridge:  

Transparency: We know you worked hard for your money, and we respect that you want to know how we will be using it to build ThunderBridge, transport it to SOAK* and then to Burning Man where it will be set ablaze. Here is our working Budget for your consideration.

Bill of Materials: 2000

Lighting & Sound: 1250

Power: TBD

Transportation: 3250

Fire Safety: 1250

Leave No Trace: 375

Production: 1750


photo courtesy of Snapper