Playa Bound Raffle

Tickets are $10.00 each.

Physical Tickets will be available for purchase at the Playa Bound BBQ on Sunday, July 17th and at Woosday, Burner Happy Hour @ Element on Tuesday July 23rd and August 2nd.

You can also purchase tickets online with Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal through our website. Online ticket sales are now closed.

Out-of-State purchases are welcome. :)

Winners will be responsible for all shipping charges.

Official drawing at Woosday, Burner Happy Hour on Tuesday, August 2nd!

You can only win once, but if you are drawn again you can swap your prize (only if you are present for the drawing).

* 1 GIFT Ticket to Burning Man 2011: Rites of Passage (can not be sold)
* Apron full of Crüe Swag by Priti
* Playa Bike decorated by MacGyver & Techman Dan (local or playa pick up only)
* Super cool not-seen-anywhere - color changing EL Wire (blue to green) by Paul
* SOAK*CORE Burn Barrel by Bribe (local or playa pick up only)
* Darkwad's Delight Kit by Marklar
* 2-hour workshop on the craft of your choice with MacGyver (Portland, OR)
* Purple knitted arm warmers made by Jackie
* SOAK*CORE Shrinky Dink necklaces by Brutaliza
* Pink/Red sweater (size M) made by Jackie
* Haunted, painting by Priti (local pick up only)
* One interior room painted by Pi (4-5 hrs of work) (Portland, OR)

And we might have a few more prizes in the making.

Thank you for supporting ThunderBridge and good luck!