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  • Production - NinjaPimp & Pope Tart
  • Aesthetics - Pope Tart
  • Build - Pi
  • Light & Sound - Rob
  • Fire Safety - Mistress Lucy
  • Fire Safety Manager - Santaliscious
  • Transportation - Bribe
  • Leave No Trace - Mel
  • Regional Contact - Tzara



Elizabeth Adams loves the regional BRC community and she’s currently a real two-timer: twice to Burning Man, twice at Portland Decompression events, and twice a Lamplighter. She produced custom bandanas for Lamplighters and is looking forward to getting more involved with the regional community and contributing to the CORE project.

Mel Adams, 4 time BRC participant, 3 year Lamplighter, and veteran of 2 Portland Decompression events, joined the Crüe to get involved with creating a burn project that represents the Portland experience and lets him get down and dirty with something a little more physical than the kerosene burned in the lanterns.

Jackie Andrew is a two time BRC participant, two year Artica volunteer, and DPW and Gate volunteer for Portland’s regional decompression BurnOut 2010. She joined up with the CORE Crüe to gain local experience and to help out creating art for the playa, which is her favorite part of BRC.

Seth Byrnes (aka Bribe) This year will be his third year camping with the Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet. Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet provides the highest quality soulmates on playa for the lowest possible price. And this year, like every year, they are having a huge sale: two for one. If you are looking for your soulmate please come visit.  Bribe also likes bats, fire and whiskey.

Lizajane Gray (aka Brutaliza) began participating in SOAK* in 2009, and in 2010 took part in the emergence of “Got Sparkle? Camp,” making shwag and giving gifts at the “Go Fish” game in camp, as well as assisting in the decoration and distribution of cupcakes. Taking part in the Black Rock Spatial Delivery Camp at her first Burn in 2010, she had the honor of delivering postcards and messages across the Playa, meeting fellow adventurers along the way. She will be attending the Burn this year (woohoo!) and contributing printing capabilities for the SOAK CORE Crue, making stickers, posters and whatnots for fundraising and awareness.

Mistress Lucy (aka NinjaPimp) loves to organize creative minds and manage projects from inception to completion. Lucy has made 3 trips to BRC since 2005, is camp Mama for Rose Brigade, and burned her first art piece – Rose Circle – on playa during Metropolis. She has volunteered Gate, DPW and Medic for regional events and is a member of Future Burners of America (aka Kidsville) for SOAK*. She also volunteers at Ice 9. Lucy NinjaPimp is half CORE Crüe production lead and half Fire Art Safety lead. She teaches French and loves sushi.

Martin Montesano (aka Moltensteelman) has attended BRC 5 times since 2004 and is well known for his remarkable kinetic creation The Walking Beast. Moltensteelman has lent his welding skills and fabrication expertise to mutant vehicles Shai-Halud Sandworm and the C. S. Tere pirate ship, and he created the Radiant Guardian Spear outdoor flame heaters and one bodacious flame thrower. With moopie, Moltensteelman is co-creator of The Flamboni flame-throwing mutant vehicle, the SARP-10 Spaceship, Little Chernobyl Greywater Evaporator and the Super Sit and Speww. He has participated at SOAK and BurnOut regional events. Moltensteelman is planning to stay home and work on projects instead of attending BRC this year, so he will be adding his construction design experience to the CORE Crüe.

Nato is a web geek newly transplanted to Portland from the Victoria BC Burner community, where he was active in the organizing and cultivation of Carnivale and Otherworld, Vancouver Island’s regional burns.

Anne A. Peterson (aka moopie) makes things and makes things happen. She’s made 4 trips to BRC since 2005, served 3 times as a Greeter, and borders on hyperactive in the Portland regional community as part of the D’Corps team for regional events SOAK and BurnOut. She paints fluorescent signs and art, works with costumes and textiles, and designed the interactive Black Light Sock Puppet Theatre. With Moltensteelman, moopie is co-creator of The Flamboni flame-throwing mutant vehicle, the SARP-10 Spaceship, Little Chernobyl Greywater Evaporator and the Super Sit and Speww. moopie enjoys large scale projects but won’t be at BRC this year so she figures it’s a great time to get involved with one more thing locally.

Pi (aka Jennifer) has burned 5 times, twice with Lamplighter Village. Thanks to her generous father, Pi has all her own tools (many of them pink) and knows how to use them. In order to avoid gathering moss, Pi maintains an active lifestyle including hiking, dance, construction/home improvement projects, and various volunteer activities. Pi can be bribed with Lindeman’s Framboise and dark chocolate.

Priti, aka "Chloe": small, sturdy and ample in multi-use functionality. Kinda like a Clydesdale.

Susie Starr has burned 5.5 times since 2003.  Having been involved in the Portland Burning Man community since 2003, she has volunteered and sometimes lead Decor, Gate and Greeters at SOAK*, Pendarvis Farm Decomp and BurnOut. You might know her from being Co-Regional for SOAK* from 2008-2009, and BurnOut in 2008. On the playa she has Greeted twice, been a Temple Guardian three times and has volunteered at BMIR. Susie is honored and thrilled to be a part of the Core Crüe and will be putting her SuperStarr powers at work fundraising. In her spare time she enjoys crafting and sewing costumes for her friends and loved ones.

Ken Strait (aka: Santaliscious) is a founding board member of the Portland Burning Man Regional LLC, Soak, LLC, from 2007.  A long time burner attending his first burn in 1996, Ken has worked closely with various theme camps, art projects, and art cars at both Burning Man and regional events.  Promoting Northwest events since 2001, he has helped plan and participate in SOAK, the regional burn, from 2005 to present, various iterations of the regional decompression events, including Rinse and Burnout, from 2001 to present, and other events like Pre-compression and Kaosmosis in 2002.  He has been the Burn perimeter lead for March Fourth Marching Band in 2009, the Burn perimeter/fire safety lead for the Portal Project, and personal fire safety for many fire performers.  In Portland, he was a contributor to the provisional fire regulation created for fire performers and fire art within Portland city limits.  He volunteered as fire safety lead for the "Poi in the Park," and "Poi under the Bridge" events designed to give participants new to fire spinning a chance to start and learn in a safe environment.  He joins the CORE Crue out of a desire to further the Portland regional artists and work with great friends in building something wonderful.

Eric Wallace (aka Earache) has a BFA in painting/drawing and as a 20+ year musician, creative endeavors are one of his favorite things about being alive. SO, in turn, this project, along with the whole concept of Burning Man, has become one of his favorite things. Being fully aware that the "creative" design process has been tackled and a mountain of labor/help still awaits for all those involved, he is eager to begin sweating/bleeding to make sure this project is completed. His ability to judge when to follow, lead or get the hell out of the way is well developed, which makes him the ideal all around Ninja. He also believes this project is totally righteous.