Project launch day! - April 9, 2011

After a generous donation of wood that has been patiently waiting to be played with, the Crue got to work today with the first of many build parties at Assembly One.

On today's agenda was stair building and swag making.

As of 2:30pm, there is great progress with the stairs, wood has been moved to build site Assembly Two and swag was getting crafted. Spirits are high, production is moving along and progress is happening, yay!!

Our work day ended at 7:00 pm. :)

First stair set complete. Tomorrow we tackle the second.

Reached ten feet. Supported 12 people.

Passed monkey test (jump up and down going Ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah).

All hail our Ninja Rock Stars who worked so well today. Thanks to our first 3 backers and our thru-bolt Angel.

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