Bridge unload at SOAK

06/15/2011 12:00 pm

Location: SOAK site, Tidewater, OR

We'll need hands to unload and rebuild Thunderbridge at SOAK. Don't forget your tickets and early entry passes.

Bridge Load for SOAK

06/14/2011 6:00 pm

Location: Assembly Two

We'll need some hands to break down the bridge and load it into the truck bound for SOAK.

SOAK*CORE LSD Crüe Pre-SOAK Soldering Party

06/12/2011 11:00 am

Location: Electro-Ninja Training Grounds

Things are coming along great, but we're going to have to make a big push to have our beautiful lights ready to amaze at SOAK and beyond! As always, both training and refreshments will be provided. You too can be an electro-ninja!
RSVP for directions.

Disassemble for SOAK*

06/11/2011 2:00 pm

Location: Assembly Two

ThunderBridge is going to SOAK* 2011: Snarkle Pony Rodeo.

We need to disassemble the Bridge and make sure we have all the parts properly labeled. Crue is heading to Tidewater on the 15th.

Birds, Birds, Birds...

06/26/2011 10:00 am

Location: Assembly One

We will not stop Building Birds until they are Both mounted on the side of the Bridge. Go Crue!!

Birds, Birds, Birds...

06/25/2011 2:00 pm

Location: Assembly One

Birds on the Brain.

Yes, we need to Build Birds. :)

Planning, Sorting and Scheming

06/12/2011 10:00 pm

Location: Assembly Two

We need to Sort through all the Lumber.

One pile for Ireland.
One pile for Kentucky.
One pile for... temporarily forgot who else gets wood.
One pile for fire wood... which needs to be chopped and bundled.

Every CORE project is expected to bring fire wood for the community areas around The Fire Birds of the Fifth Direction.

We will also be Planning and Scheming and Swag Crafting.

SOAK*CORE Solder Party: Part Deux!

06/05/2011 12:00 pm

Location: Electro-Ninja Training Grounds (aka Casburn Manor)

We will be getting down to business with our lighting for SOAK* 2011. As before, training will be provided. If you have EL/Electroluminescent/Cool Neon wire or drivers that you'd be willing to donate or loan, please bring them! Color and length aren't an issue. Let's make this baby BRIGHT! RSVP for the location.

SOAK* 2011: ThunderBridge & Theme Camp Meeting

06/06/2011 7:00 pm

Location: Assembly One

Are you going to SOAK* 2001: Snarkle Pony Rodeo?
Are you camping with the SOAK*CORE Crue?
Will you be building and disassembling ThunderBridge for the event?

Then you need to be at this meeting.

See the Volley Ball Court? Last I heard that's where we are building the Bridge. Don't know where our camp will be located, but we still need to work out the logistics (foot print, community areas, carpooling).

Giddy Up!

Feather Factory

06/05/2011 12:00 pm

Location: The Vatican

We have a tight schedule and lots to do.

Step 1: Making Feathers.

See you there. :)

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